Sunday, 30 September 2012

Our New Webshop Is Here!

Check out our new webshop where you can pre-order the new collection. We are expecting our stock to arrive at the end of this week for immediate dispatch to all who have placed pre-orders.

This winter we are also offered free UK postage and a discoutned flat rate for all International Shipping. Happy Shopping!


  1. The shop looks amazing, congratulations!

  2. Hi Hilary, I can't get the shop links to work so I can see all of the items for sale. The word "shop" doesn't seem to be hyperlinked for me but the others work, such as "blog".

    Very keen to do some bobble hat browsing-have seen them in st Andrews today and wanted to see what other colours you do.

    Thank you


  3. Hi Michele, thanks for letting us know. We had some problems with the "Shop" being a drop-down menu link on touch-screen devices and so have just changed the top bar to have direct product pages.

    Thanks for letting us know and if you follow us on twitter I will also thank you there too!

    H X


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